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Aloe Vera Gel – Why Use It?

Aloe Vera Gel – Why and How it Is Used

Aloe Vera Gel is used as a drink (oral use), beneficial to the many functions of the body:

For local use in the form of creams, sprays and drops, it is an ideal tool for: skin care, wound healing and burns, stomach wound healing, joint and muscle pain, tooth care and mouth cavities (inflammation of the gums, paradontosis, afte) , eye care and eye diseases (conjunctivitis, mrena …) and allergies.


It stimulates digestion, neutralizes elevated gastric acid and thus reduces bruising and stomach pain.

It regulates the action of gastrointestinal symbiotic bacteria, reduces fungi, normalizes pH of the stool, helps with irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, polyps in the colon, hemeroid, diarrhea, and seizures.

It is produced through the digestive tract, it ishes the harmful bacteria and cleans the intestinal resin from the deposits.

This reduces inflammation and increases the absorption of nutrients.

Live and Bile (aloe vera gel)

It improves liver function, detoxifies and regenerates.

It is recommended as an additional therapy for biliary diseases, liver cirrhosis, acute and chronic hepatitis and fatty liver.

Seasonal diseases (aloe vera gel)

Aloe Vera gel works to work on pancreas and this way balances blood sugar levels, reduces sugar oscillations (especially important in insulin therapy patients).

HEART AND CRYSTALS (aloe vera gel)

It strengthens the heart muscle. It lowers blood cholesterol and blood pressure and reduces the incidence of angina pectoris attacks.


Aloe Vera Gel contains active substances that help destroy the tumor.

Read more about treating the tumor with Aloe Vera gel: Treatment of Aloe Vera Tumors by Recipe of Father Romano Zaga!

It stimulates the immune system. As a supplemental therapy, it reduces the harmful side effects of chemotherapy and radio therapy.

Clean aloe juice it acts anticancer and anticancer because it contains ingredients that prevent inflammation of the blood into the tumor, and thus tumor growth itself (alpha factor, blocking the blood supply to the growing tumor, acemanan …)


It alleviates symptoms of asthma and allergies.

MUTUAL ROUTE AND SPRAY (aloe vera gel) – Reduces acute and chronic inflammation, also acts on antibiotic-resistant bacteria (eg Escherichia Colli).


It helps in the acute and chronic inflammation of the respiratory organs (sinusitis, throat, vocal, lung, etc.).


Reduces inflammation, redness, pain and swelling of the joints and muscles. It is effective in sprains, tendons and tendon inflammation, bruising …

It helps with neuralgia, sciatica and headaches. Combined with organic sulfur compounds, it is effective for osteoporosis.

BIO EYE (Aloe Vera Gel)

In the form of eye drops it is successfully used in the case of eye inflammation (conjunctivitis), mrena, trachoma, glaucoma, keratitis (corneal inflammation), herpes simplexa …


Extremely moisturizes the skin as it penetrates to the deepest dermal layer, rejuvenating the skin as it increases 8 fibroblasts faster than normal and thus speeds up wound healing.

It is remarkable for dry, sensitive and damaged skin; alleviates and removes old-fashioned scalp on the hands and body.

Oral use in the form of a drink and local cream is effective in psoriasis and various inflammatory processes on the skin.


Many companies in the world offer various Aloe Vera products.

However, most of these products contain water as the main ingredient, and Aloe Vera in minimal quantities, lacking any health effect.

The term “Aloe Vera” on the product mainly serves for marketing purposes in order to improve product sales.

When choosing a quality product and manufacturer, pay attention to the following:

Do the products have a certificate IASC (International Aloe Vera Scientific Council)?

The certificate guarantees the authenticity of the product’s declaration, purity, high concentration and ecological breeding and quality processing of Aloe Vera.

What kind of certificates does a product have (Kosher, Islam, FDA, are the products tested on animals)?

Where does Aloe Vera grow from which gel is produced?

Do you own a plant of Aloe vera?

How does the gel stabilize the process? – Does this destroy the nutrients?

Does the manufacturer use a contemporary patented gel stabilization process?

If you are considering ordering Aloe Vera gel, then we advise you to check the manufacturer: Forever Living Products

Forever Living Product is the world’s largest producer of Aloe Vera, producing the 92% of world aloe vera production and has met all criteria so as not to lose the quality of the gel.

Their beverages contain 98% of pure gel (the heart of the Aloe Vera notes) which is stabilized with natural vitamin C from the papaya plant.